CDS Infrastructures




per month

10 Rooms

8 Servers

3 Load Balancers

5 Media Servers



per month

25-50 Rooms

20+ Servers

6 Load Balancers

10+ Media Servers



per month

50-100 Rooms

30+ Servers

15 Load Balancers

20+ Media Servers


Ddosgone CDS Infrastructure packages available in the following regions:


US-East (North Virginia)

US-West (California + Oregon)

Europe – West (Dublin)

Europe – Germany (Frankfurt)

Asia Pacific (Japan)

Asia Pacific (Singapore)

South America (Sao Paulo)

Australia (Sydney)

Host your own branded company on our high performance scalable cloud network,simply pick the region closest to your clients and let us manage your network.

Provide a quality video chat experience for your customers for less money and help drive your business further, each location provides Xeon E5-2680 v2 (Ivy Bridge) 3.6Ghz servers placed behind a series of load balancers,firewalls and Ips which can all be scaled up and down to help meet demands of high traffic or attacks.



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